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Playing the Empire -

A Dancer’s Life

“I absolutely loved the story of Peggie's life. The time that she lived was really out of the ordinary and there'll never be another time like it. It’s hard to believe all the things she did and places she went when she was so young! It seems unimaginable, even for a young woman of today.”

Roberta Ward, Australia

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“I enjoyed this book. It is a highly readable account of the life of a remarkable and resourceful woman. It opens a window into a little-known aspect of Empire life.
John Chapman's narrative, based on a memoir typed out by Peggie Sheridan in her old age, and amplified by his own research, sweeps you along engagingly to provide a thoroughly entertaining read.”

Graham Mills

“Playing the Empire is a wonderful book. A page turner. I read it almost in one sitting. John Chapman's great sensitivity for detail brings Peggie alive again and gives a true insight into her feelings at many critical points in her life. John gives us the straight goods about the twists and turns of Peggie's extraordinary journey, which is why it is such a page turner.... we cannot wait to see what happens next."

Peter Brown, Ontario, Canada.